FIND: Feed Your Brows With This


This BrowFood brow product is a must-have...!

We've been obsessed with the AQUA BROW POWDER + PENCIL DUO ever since discovering it a few months ago. If you're like us, you've overplucked/overwaxed your brows in the past, and have been living with the consequences ever since (hello, early 2000s).

At first, we didn't notice a difference in our brow hair growth... until about the second month. Our brows have become fuller and it seems like this powder actually does condition them.

We use the taupe color, and it's not too light and not too dark. The only drawback of this product is that we've only been able to find it online through Ulta and on LashFood's website.

You can find other LashFood/BrowFood products on Sephora, but not this exact one. Though, we really want to try their lash products, too, after loving the brow ones so much.

The best part about the AQUA BROW POWDER + PENCIL DUO is that the pencil is already built-in, which definitely helps declutter your makeup bag.

Trust us, your brows will thank you for it. Consider us hooked!