HUNTR - "Live A Lie"

HUNTR may have never left, but they're back... and with a vengeance. 

Since the release of their debut EP just last year, Gilbere Forte, Boris Likharev and Nick Audy have all been hard at work in the studio, crafting what's to come next for the band. 

The first taste for their fans? "Live A Lie" -- a gritty, raw and honest anthem about staying true to oneself, shunning inauthenticity and refusing to give in to the darkness that life can sometimes bring about. The vocals and instrumentals all come together to strongly drive the message home. 

The guys teased the song's release earlier in the week with six video clips, which all featured specific audio, visual and sensory elements from the song.  Check out the chapters below:

There's a lot more in store for HUNTR, and we're already anticipating the band's next release.

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