TAYLOR SWIFT - "Look What You Made Me Do"

We have a lot of feelings about Taylor Swift, and of course, we've never held back our opinions.

That's why we were intrigued (to say the least) when Taylor teased what was to come from her in the form of an album and single announcement this past week. But is her new single the best move she could've made? We don't think so.

Let's break this down.

Is "Look What You Made Me Do" a diss track? Not really... she would've had to go much harder than that for it to even be considered as one. Is it a response record? Now, that's a bit more likely.

It's obvious her jabs at Kanye, Kim and Katy were intentional... but were they necessary?

Taylor should've stood out from the pack of K's and taken this opportunity to release more of a higher road/rise above-type single, instead of one filled with faux "dark" revenge. Seeing as Katy dropped "Swish Swish," a clear jab at Taylor, and Kanye oh so infamously gave us "Famous," T.Swift could've been the outlier in this celeb shade game.

After all, didn't she already give us "Bad Blood"? Which, for the record, was an amazing pop song -- but those pop elements that Taylor has become known for are just what "Look What You Made Me Do" is lacking. We were waiting for a catchy pop track, and she went with the opposite, in an effort to be edgy. 


We also can't forget to mention that Taylor's newly dropped music video sneak peek looks vaguely familiar... and people are definitely taking notice. Case in point? See here. We also saw some big similarities between the vid and Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour promo

Is Taylor trying too hard? Will this be the pop princess' "dark" era? Is anyone really buying it (that isn't a "she could do no wrong" Swiftie)? We still aren't convinced that the "old Taylor is dead." 

We guess we'll just have to wait and see.