SAM SMITH - "Too Good At Goodbyes"

Sam Smith did it right. He burst onto the scene a few years ago, made an enormous impact, released some incredible hit singles, and, at the peak of his overexposure, he took a break.

The singer has chosen to lay low since 2015, until he dropped his new track, "Too Good At Goodbyes" on Thursday night -- technically his first single since 2014 (unless you count "Writing's on the Wall," from the James Bond soundtrack, back in 2015). 

The way the music landscape is set up today, unless an artist is Beyonce, Adele or Taylor Swift, artists tend to release new music pretty often. Whether it be to keep up with the trends, stay buzzworthy or keep the record labels happy, pop artists in particular seem to follow a pattern of almost over-releasing material.

Sam took some time to get back to what really matters -- the music -- and we are so glad he did.

We've missed his voice and the emotion he ties into every note. "Too Good At Goodbyes" will be yet another hit for him and it's a good sign for his album, which is due out before Christmas.

Welcome back, Sam. The wait was worth it.