Hailee Steinfeld Is Pop's Most Underrated Artist & Here's Why

Aside from our current favorite, Dua Lipa, we can confidently say that Hailee Steinfeld is one of the most underrated pop artists out today. There's no reason why Hailee shouldn't already be a household name.

She's got it all... and we wish she would be recognized more for the pop goodness she's given us thus far. She also sings a lot about self-love and female empowerment, which we can definitely appreciate. Did we mention she can sing live, too? Yeah, that.

We can't forget to mention that she can act, as well, and was nominated for an Oscar for True Grit at just 13 years old. She also starred in Pitch Perfect 2 and 3, and really won us over in Edge Of Seventeen.

Still not convinced? We dare you to deny Hailee's latest song with Alesso and Florida Georgia Line above, along with her 3 best tracks below.