8 Underestimated Beyoncé Songs You've Probably Never Heard Of


Unless you are a loyal, card-carrying member of the BeyHive like us, then you've most likely never heard the below songs from Beyoncé. That's okay, though -- that's what THE OPINIONATED is here for.

We've taken some time to sift through the Queen's catalog, and dig up a few tracks we think still deserve some play. Though they were never released as singles (and some are even from soundtracks), their greatness cannot continue to go unknown.

(Disclaimer: we purposely omitted tracks from the BEYONCE and LEMONADE albums, since many are still digesting them and/or are most familiar with them).

"RADIO" (2008, I Am... Sasha Fierce) - "I think I'm in love with my radio, it never lets me down."

Ah, memories. "Radio" came out years before Beyoncé blessed us with her better-known experimental/uptempo tracks like "7/11."  It's bubbly, it's raw, it's innocent... yet, still fun. The song's theme of her radio being her BF is what keeps us in love with it, and makes us feel all nostalgic.

"RISE UP" (2013, Epic Soundtrack) - "Know that life holds more than what we see, rise up."

Call us corny, but we can never deny an anthemic, inspirational song, especially when it's written by Sia. The first time we heard "Rise Up," we were in the movie theater for Epic (Beyoncé voices an animated magical fairy in it), when it came on during the credits. Listening to it makes us feel like we can conquer the world. 

"AVE MARIA" (2008, I Am... Sasha Fierce) - "I always hear this voice inside, saying 'Ave Maria'..."

No, this isn't the "Ave Maria" you heard in church growing up, but it is a re-write, in essence. We dare you to listen to this the next time you're faced with a bad day, and witness its powerful effect.  On a personal level, this song comforted us through our grandma's passing, and for that reason alone, it will always hold a special place our heart. 

"START OVER" (2011, 4) - "Let's start over, stop fighting about the same old thing..."

Beyoncé sings her a** off in this song. Fight us on it. We've always loved how vulnerable her vocals sound on it and the pre-chorus gives us so much life ("maybe we reached the mountain peak, and there's no more left to climb..."). The track is honest, real and while a bit formulaic, it's still great in its own right.

"SUGA MAMA" (2006, B'Day) - "Let me be, I wants to be, gots to be..."

"Suga Mama" is B'Day fan fave... just ask your closest BeyHive friend. While it got a bit overshadowed by all of the hit singles from that same album ("Irreplaceable," "Upgrade U," "Ring The Alarm"), it somehow received a music video (thankfully). Still... it deserved more. #justiceforsugamama



"RUNNIN' (LOSE IT ALL)" (2015, Naughty Boy song feature)  

"HE STILL LOVES ME" (2003, The Fighting Temptations soundtrack) 

"WORK IT OUT" (2002, Austin Powers In Goldmember

Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below and add your own underrated favorites!