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Ed Sheeran Is Overrated. There, We Said It.

We've got to talk about Ed Sheeran. 

After receiving a PR email this morning with a subject line that read, "2017 IS THE YEAR OF ED SHEERAN," we had to stop ourselves from frankly, going off on Twitter.

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Hailee Steinfeld Is Pop's Most Underrated Artist & Here's Why

Aside from our current favorite, Dua Lipa, we can confidently say that Hailee Steinfeld is one of the most underrated pop artists out today. There's no good reason Hailee shouldn't already be a household name, and here's why.

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KATY PERRY - "BON APPETIT" - Will Katy Prove Us Wrong?

I'm conflicted. I love Katy Perry and what she's done in the world of pop music. After all, no one can deny that her Teenage Dream album is one of the best pop albums of (at least) the past decade. She has hits for days.

"Bon Appetit" is the complete opposite of the "purposeful pop" Katy had promised, and to be honest, I'm disappointed.  Maybe it's because I know she can do better than this throwaway single and I think her fans deserve better. I want to see/hear Katy evolve. Now's the time and I would hope her supporters would agree.

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I Caved & Finally Gave In To The Weeknd.

Since he debuted on the music scene, I've blatantly denied The Weeknd. I've refused to listen to him and discredited his success. He just wasn't it for me.

It made me angry that he seemingly tried to emulate Michael Jackson in a way which I felt wasn't good enough. As any MJ fan, I still feel very much affected by his untimely passing and I had this sense of bitterness that I couldn't quite shake -- especially when it came to someone trying to imitate him in such an obvious way.

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