Ed Sheeran Is Overrated. There, We Said It.


We've got to talk about Ed Sheeran. 

After receiving a PR email this morning with a subject line that read, "2017 IS THE YEAR OF ED SHEERAN," we had to stop ourselves from frankly, going off on Twitter.

Listen, don't get us wrong. We don't mind his music. Hell, we recently loved when he dropped his surprise duet with Beyonce for "Perfect," (probably because it sounds a lot like her song, "Ave Maria," from her I Am... Sasha Fierce album).

"Castle On A Hill" is a beautiful song. "The A Team" is hauntingly touching. "Thinking Out Loud" -- great wedding song.  We even found ourselves growing to love, "Shape Of You," though, once again, it's probably because it sounded like TLC's "No Scrubs."

While Ed eventually gave both Kandi Burruss and Tiny credits where credits were rightfully due, that doesn't deny the fact that "Shape Of You" is anything but original. 

Of course, so much music has been made and this happens from time to time, it's interesting to note that it's happened twice to Ed on two songs from his ÷ album.

Are we sensing a pattern?

As for "Perfect," the song just hit number one -- surprisingly, Beyonce's first number one since "Single Ladies." After seeing headlines like, "BEYONCE GETS FIRST NUMBER ONE SONG SINCE 'SINGLE LADIES,' THANKS TO ED SHEERAN," we got a little more heated, hence this post. We just hope he eventually gives Bey her props for it sounding like "Ave Maria." Maybe her jumping on the "Perfect" remix/duet was part of an agreement? We may never know.

It makes us wonder sometimes if we actually like a song, or if we just like it because it sounds like a song we already love. Is it wrong? Is it cheating? Is it innocently accidental?

While we no doubt believe Ed is talented, he is in no way a groundbreaking or revolutionary artist.  It is also something to note that a great deal of his rise to popularity and stardom came from his co-sign from BFF Taylor Swift and from cowriting One Direction songs ("Moments," "Little Things").

Sure, he had his fans and music before T.Swift and 1D came along, but their backing definitely helped move him to mainstream, especially here in the US. In 2012, Taylor heard Ed's music and contacted him. Then, in 2013, he co-wrote and did vocals for her song, "Everything Has Changed," and went on to open for her on tour that same year.  These huge signs of support from such major artists are something a lot of artists starting out don't have the access to, or the advantage of.

Ed Sheeran serves his purpose. He's the safe, singer-songwriter who creates music that is consistent. He knows his brand, he knows his sound and he doesn't stray from the formula that's clearly been working for him.

Do we wish he'd challenge himself more? Most definitely, but we may also just have to face the facts that he might never go above and beyond what already works for him, and that's okay.

Is it entirely his fault that he's overrated? Probably not, but... he still is.

But hey, maybe it's just me.