Camila Cabello Is Pop Music's Next Mega-Star

You'd be a fool to sleep on Camila Cabello and now's the time to prep for her pop music takeover.

If you had any doubt that Camila is soon be pop's next mega-star, just watch her recent performance on The Tonight Show, above.

Of course, early X Factor viewers and Fifth Harmony's OG fans have known this from the get-go, but it's becoming even more apparent with the release of her highly-anticipated debut album.

While her first single, "Crying In The Club", didn't make a huge impact, songs like "Havana" (which took over airwaves and is still breaking records) and "Never Be The Same" should have other pop singers rethinking their strategies.

This past week, she even got the co-sign of the legendary Elton John. Yeah... Sir Elton himself. 

Camila's debut album, CAMILA, dropped Friday, and it's already hit number across the globe. 

Camila, who was once a Taylor Swift fangirl with a voice and a dream, could very likely end up topping her now-BFF T. Swift, this year.

Oh, and while we have you here -- it's pronounced Ca-mee-la Ca-bay-o.  You're welcome.