You're Not Weird, They're Just Jealous (& Probably Boring)


My friend Quinta recently tweeted the below and I've never favorited a tweet so fast.

This is something I've struggled coming to terms with for seemingly most of my life. See, we've been programmed to think that being "weird" or "different" is a bad thing. I've been called "weird" before, almost as if it were an insult. Funny, right? That someone could take something that makes another person unique, and spin it into something negative?


I was "weird" because I actually liked school and loved to learn new things.

I was "weird" because my facial features didn't match those of my middle school "friends."

I've been called "weird" because I have a passion for what I do and pop culture gets me excited.

I've been called "weird" because I was happy to come into work and get projects done.

I've even been called "weird" for stanning Beyonce (and that's one thing I'll never apologize for. #beyhivepride)


Here's what I've learned and have to remind myself of on most days: you were never "weird"... they were just jealous. What I've come to find is that it makes people REALLY uncomfortable when you own your uniqueness. This is probably because they don't accept or have a full grasp on their own.

Don't let anyone try to tell you who you are, either.  I've even been told I didn't "add" anything special, when the person it was coming from was as basic as they come.  I knew it wasn't the truth, and didn't change a thing about myself.  

After all, it's not my job or purpose for you to "get" me or even to like me. 

I think when you know who you are, and you show people, it bothers them. Sometimes, it can even prevent people from giving you something they know deep down you deserve or would be a perfect fit for. I call these people faux gatekeepers. They really don't hold you back from anything, though it may seem that way.  However, the joke is on them, since they don't control what is destined for you.  What is truly meant for you will eventually find its way, regardless. 

The rooms in which I thrive in are those where I'm surrounded by people who are secure enough to understand this. Rooms with people who get that we each have our own lane, therefore, making competition pretty pointless.

Don't allow anyone to tamper with your soul today. And for the love of yourself and your own well-being, own what makes you you

Your "weirdness" is the essence of who you are. Hone in on it and develop it... and then see what happens.