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The Cold, Hard Truth About Haters

Don't fall victim to the hater ideology. Sure, actual haters can exist within your life (or, as many people refer to them as: "fans"), but I'm not talking about those kind.

I'm talking about one type of hater in particular. One you might not even know is super close to you. One that's probably been with you your whole life, knows everything about you and creeps up at all the wrong times.

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The Weariness Of Being Woke & Why You Still Need To Care

I’m tired. I’m not even going to sit here and act like I’m unaffected. After all that this year has brought, how could you be anything but affected?

Let's face it -- it's hard to be "woke" all the time. It's exhausting and draining... but it's necessary.

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The Myth Behind Being An Extrovert & Why It's Okay To Do Nothing

Everyone wants you to believe that they are an extrovert. Outgoing, sociable, and that there's never a dull moment or weekend in their lives. It's (mostly) all a lie.

Social media has done a great job in perpetuating this myth and can lead us to think that we have to always have be doing something. After all, if you don't post it to your Instastory, did it even happen? If you don't check in on Facebook, were you ever really there?

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What’s The Point Of Being An Influencer If You're Not Making An Impact?

I don't have any desire to be a social influencer. Frankly, I'm "over" the influence.

Weird, right? Especially coming from someone who works in the "industry" and in the land of YouTube, where digital dreams are made.  But what are you actually influencing? A behavior? A trend? A style choice? And where's the balance? What's the point of it all?

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My Bullies Made Me Better... But Not Before They Made Me Bitter.

I just finished binge-watching Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and I would be lying if I said it didn't trigger me.

However, for me, it wasn't high school that was a literal nightmare -- it was middle school. Guys were mean. Girls were even worse. Kids were cruel. I can still name them all, and I wonder sometimes if they knew what kind of impact they had. Certain incidents still remain vivid in my mind, to this day, over 15 years later. 

For me, the worst of the bullying didn't hit until sixth grade. For some reason, that year was a living hell.

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Being Likable Is Overrated. Here's Why.

Growing up, I always thought being well-liked was the ultimate goal. That as long as people "liked" you, you'd be alright. As a result, I spent years striving for the approval of others and popularity.

Years later, social media came along and made it worse with an actual "LIKE" button, causing many of us to further seek outside validation.

I found that when seeking another person's acceptance -- when I didn't even accept myself -- always caused me to come up short.

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Deceptive Beauty Ideals & Why They're A Waste Of Time

If someone gets plastic surgery and they are praised for their beauty, are you complimenting them or their doctor? And does it matter?

This happened to me recently. I was on Instagram when an older photo of Bella Hadid popped up on my explore page... and I was shocked. Just a few years ago, she looked completely different, aside from your usual teenage awkwardness that mostly everyone goes through.

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