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The Cold, Hard Truth About Haters

Don't fall victim to the hater ideology. Sure, actual haters can exist within your life (or, as many people refer to them as: "fans"), but I'm not talking about those kind.

I'm talking about one type of hater in particular. One you might not even know is super close to you. One that's probably been with you your whole life, knows everything about you and creeps up at all the wrong times.

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THE OPINIONATED: FEATURES | Smashing Stigmas & Stereotypes With Syreeta

I first met my friend Syreeta Martin while we were both students, attending Temple University. I immediately was in awe of her and her ambition to pursue her goals, by any means necessary. We were in a media production class together, and as I got to know her, I found out that she was actually a mother of two young daughters -- all while pursuing her degree.

I've since caught up with Syreeta, and wanted to continue to share her success story. Syreeta's journey will dispel whatever preconceived notions you had about "teen moms," as she had already done for me.

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THE OPINIONATED: FEATURES | Street Art On A Mission With Amberella

There's nothing quite like stumbling upon some street art gems. After living in major cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles, we've grown a deep appreciation for the art form and how it can transform our environment.

Meet Amber Lynn, otherwise known as Amberella. She's a woman on a mission to create street art that makes you think, feel and remind you that you're not alone.

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