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Deceptive Beauty Ideals & Why They're A Waste Of Time

If someone gets plastic surgery and they are praised for their beauty, are you complimenting them or their doctor? And does it matter?

This happened to me recently. I was on Instagram when an older photo of Bella Hadid popped up on my explore page... and I was shocked. Just a few years ago, she looked completely different, aside from your usual teenage awkwardness that mostly everyone goes through.

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The Problem With Red Carpets & Why They're So Outdated

I've done my fair share of covering red carpets. Movie premieres, award shows, you name it.

When I first started out working in media and the wonderful world of entertainment news, I loved every second of it. There's a certain indescribable rush you feel when you get that quote that was needed to make your package complete or when you really lock in an exclusive. 

Not to mention, it's always amazing (?) to finally come face to face with artists, actors and celebs that you've looked up to or admired for years. Well, for the most part. For a girl coming from small-town Pennsylvania, I never could've dreamed of being in the same vicinity of such stars.

But, as the story goes for most things in this town, everything isn't always as it seems.

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